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Olecranon Fracture: Part Two

I had to miss my physio session yesterday due to a poorly son. A big shame as I'm finding them far more important to my mental state than I would have thought. Having a professional tell you what's happening while they push you and pull you is calming, encouraging, and motivating. Having never experienced anything like this before, I'm surprised at it all. 

So today is a bad day. I don't feel as if there is any progress. My arm gets up to a right angle and then just hits a brick wall. I can't believe it'll get any further up. 

I forget about it sometimes. If I'm working or watching TV, even - if just for a moment - sometimes while getting dressed, but then I go to brush my teeth, eat something, drink something, etc., and I'm reminded at just how far away my right hand is from my head. Then I wonder how on earth I'll ever get closer. And don't get me started on straightening it.

Ugh. Misery. 

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