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Urban Outfitters Want all my Money for Postage

Urban Outfitters needs to have a serious conversation with the Post Office. I bought a lot of socks online last week. To have them sent to somewhere in the UK, was £3.99. Lovely. I thought it'd be about a fiver for Denmark. Nope, they wanted £15.95. For socks. To Denmark.

 I had them sent to my parents, who posted them on to me for roughly £3.50.

Maybe that's just how things are, I thought. So I headed to Topshop to find something similarly priced and see what the postage was for that. 

That's a fiver, Urban Outfitters. £5 for postage to Denmark. £4 for postage in the UK mainland.

What's even weirder is that according to their sites they both use DPD for international delivery...

Thank God I don't live in Norway!

I'm going to try to ask them what this is about and see what they say. 

Update: After sometime, I got this reply from Claire Riche at UO, "International shipping fees are based on the average cost to ship an order.   Please be assured we continually examine the rates we provide to ensure we are offering both competitive and fair shipping charges to all of our customers.   While shipping fees are subject to change, we will continue to strive to offer you the lowest possible rate. I apologize if this change to our shipping charges has caused you any inconvenience."

I still don't understand how Topshop can charge so much less. I think UO is pulling a fast one, those cheeky bastards.

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