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Origami Stroller

I'm not a Mum, and have minimum experience when it comes to folding prams (or is it a stroller? I'm not sure of the difference), but I have seen many people desperately struggling to fold them. It's painful to watch, and sometimes is literally painful to do, which is why when I do own a little person I will buy one of these Origami Strollers.

Not only does it fold itself, but it also (excuse me while I steal this text from Springwise), "...houses a built-in generator in its rear wheels that charges the stroller as it’s pushed, as well as enabling parents to charge their cell phones. Daytime running lights and pathway lights are on board for safety, as are four-wheel suspension and child safety sensors in the seat, which ensure the stroller won’t fold by accident. An LCD in the handle bar, meanwhile, displays a thermometer, speedometer, and odometer." Now that's what I can a pram. Or stroller.

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