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My name is Lara, and I'm a copywriter at momondo, the world's best travel meta search engine (you might know us from The DNA Journey). I'm from the UK but have lived in Denmark since 2003. Curiosity brought me here, but I stayed for the weather. I mean, I stayed for love - and not just of my better half. I stayed for the love of Copenhagen, the Danes, the love of LEGO, of Mikkeller, and of good bacon, which is surprisingly hard to find. 

Born and raised in the country (a good mix of Scotland, north and south England), I moved to London when I was 19, and spent 4 years waiting tables, making coffee, and having a lot of fun. It was only after I moved to Denmark that I got the urge to go to university. So I did. I studied Corporate Communication for my BA, and then Marketing Management for my MA.

On this site, you'll find a couple of blogs. One, Prattle, is supposed to be full of interesting things that are (vaguely) related to my work, but in some cases I fail miserably (see cat GIF posts). This has recently died a quiet death due to my still rather new son, born December 2014, and a busy job/life. The other blog, Jaw, is more personal. It's holidays, family trips, and that kind of stuff.

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