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My name is Lara. I work - and always have worked - in communications. From social media to copywriting, and concept development to brand strategy. It's a gas. 

I'm from the UK but have lived in Denmark since 2003 (I think). It's nice here. There's no Brexit and public transport is much better. 

I do still love the UK. After all, I lived there for some very formative years. I was born and bred in the countryside, moved to London when I was 19, and spent four years waiting tables, making coffee, and having a lot of fun. It was only after I moved to Denmark that I got the urge to go to university. So I did. Then I started work, met my wife, had a kid, broke my elbow, and many, many other things that I'll tell you all about if we ever meet.

On this site, you'll find a couple of blogs. One, Prattle, is supposed to be full of interesting things that are (vaguely) related to my work, but in some cases I fail miserably (see cat GIF posts). This has died a quiet death due to the birth of my son, and a busy job/life. The other blog, Jaw, is more personal. It's holidays, family trips, and that kind of stuff. You can also look at some of my photos if you want. I think they're pretty but that's probably because I was there. 

Feel free to add me on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, and say hello.

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